• When I became the Treasurer of a non-profit professional organization, the books were behind in recording for several months and assets were overstated because the prior Treasurer debited accounts receivable and credited revenue for funds due and when the cash on account was received he debited cash and credited revenue again instead of applying the cash received to the proper receivable. Veronica’s staff reconciled all this mess that included several years and put our books in order. Because of the great work, the fees for our annual audit have been reduced. Also, our books are completed by the second week of the month following our activity. I highly recommend this ProAdvisor.

  • Veronica was truly on demand. Her willingness to assist in all facets was greatly appreciated. The advice and support she offered was truly of value. I recommend using Veronica for any of your bookkeeping needs.

  • Veronica really took the time to listen to my needs and current issues. Then she offered a step-by-step solution, which was easy to understand and implement. I was a little anxious prior to the conversation, thinking that it may get a little over my head, but Veronica explained things clearly and in a way that made me feel much more comfortable.

  • Excellent. My experience exceeded all expectations. It was an online consultation, easy to set up, I knew exactly what to expect and when it was going to happen. I was informed via email to remind me of the consultation, and the steps I needed to take before hand. I was pleased enough to take the next steps to having my Quick Books set up correctly and for using the tool to grow my business.

  • Veronica Wasek was professional and helpful in every way. I told her my most pressing worries, and she gave me information that solved those worries immediately. She did not mind that I was not a financial professional, and never talked “over my head” – made everything clear. She explained how she works, how they charge, and even sent me a follow-up email to see if I had additional questions. This was an unexpected bonus, as there always seem to be questions after a consultation, and I was able to ask about a couple of additional concerns. She was gracious, friendly and professional.

  • OMG Amazing! I was at my wits end. I had hired a person to come into my home office and work with me, and it was a loss for me financially and educationally as he just shouldn’t have been charging people or advertising himself as an “expert” he wasn’t. He made some changes and said just do it this way, that just made it all worse. Anyway, after that I tried to self teach and learn on-line, that didn’t work either. I was so frustrated and so tired of the mess I had and numbers and reports not making any sense, that I was about to start a completely new QB Company then I found Veronica Wasek, she is a JEWEL!!!!! I give her my highest recommendation and if you have any issues with QB at all, I’d recommend you get in touch with her, she can and will help you!!!! My books were formally a nightmare, they are now a sweet dream! She is patient, honest, kind and a true professional and she knows what she is doing and how to teach you so you know what you are doing. Thank You Veronica!!!!

  • Veronica and her staff were recommended to me by my CPA, and they were nothing less than superb! I really don’t know how I would have made a successful conversion without them! Before consulting with them, I read online tips, manuals, and searched YouTube in an attempt to learn more about QuickBooks. Nothing that I found compared to the guidance and help that I received from CPAonDemand®! They are extremely knowledgeable about QB! They are patient and are willing to go above and beyond whatever you made need help with! Now, I don’t hesitate to call them if I need help. In business, time is money, so if you are struggling with QB issues, call them. Don’t hesitate!