About QuickBooks Online expertsVeronica Wasek is not your average CPA. In fact, Veronica Wasek has never been able to do anything just “average”. Veronica is a visionary and she just can’t do things like others. She has a strong desire to be unique and to express herself creatively.

After spending almost 25 years working for others in the public accounting and corporate world, Veronica was at a crossroads. It was the height of the great recession and Veronica had already been laid off from two jobs due to the economy. Feeling like she had nothing left to lose, in 2010 Veronica started her own accounting firm, VM Wasek CPA LLC – with no money and no clients. It was daunting to think about how she would make it in the middle of a recession. She didn’t let that stop her. It was a perfect storm of challenges, innovation, and technology.

The early years

Early on in her business, Veronica realized that she needed to focus her practice around QuickBooks. She became a certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor – a distinction earned only by an elite group of QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

She sought to re-invent the traditional accounting firm and redefine what it means to be a CPA. With that goal in mind, Veronica developed a new approach to working with clients – going beyond the once a year relationship with clients and focusing on solving business problems, adding value, and serving the day-to-day needs of business clients.

Focus on QuickBooks Online and integrated applications

QuickBooks Online went through an “extreme makeover” a few years ago. It has become the platform for modern cloud accounting. Veronica seized this opportunity to take VM Wasek CPA nationwide. With the help of her websites and social media presence, Veronica’s vision grew. Veronica and her team decided that QuickBooks Online and integrated applications are the future of accounting and that’s exactly where they want to be.


VM Wasek CPA is now a team of experts in QuickBooks Online, in cloud technologies, and in business advisory services. All employees are based in the United States and work in the same office located outside of Houston Texas. VM Wasek CPA works with clients throughout the United States. Many clients have locations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, and other countries.

VM Wasek CPA is an award-winning firm – a winner of Intuit’s 2015 Top 20 Firm of the Future contest – recognized as a leader in the modern accounting movement.

VM Wasek CPA firm of the future

More about Veronica Wasek

Veronica is a native of Chile. She has lived in the United States for over 30 years. She affectionately refers to accent as her “Texas Chile” accent.

Veronica attended the University of Houston and graduated with a BBA in Accounting. She holds advanced certifications in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. She’s also certified in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Veronica is nationally known as a small business, accounting, and QuickBooks expert. She was hand-picked by Intuit Corporation as one of only 16 accounting professionals to serve on Intuit’s Accountant and Advisor Customer Council 2016-2017. Veronica was named a “Top 100 ProAdvisor” by Insightful Accountant in 2016.

Veronica is a leader in the modern accounting movement and has been featured by Intuit Corporation in various marketing materials and articles.




In her spare time, Veronica enjoys singing, exercising, and creative crafts. She most enjoys spending time with her husband, Eric, cooking and eating!