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Industries we serve


At VM Wasek, we believe in being the best at what we do. That’s why we’ve chose to focus on specific industries. We have great depth of business experience to bring you the highest level of service and expertise.


We work best with:

  • Service based companies – Do you provide services? We specialize in service-based companies like agencies, firms, and consultancies.
  • Creative agencies – We love creatives at VM Wasek! We help you stop chasing bright shiny objects and give you clarity and focus.
  • Other creative and innovative businesses – We’ll help you focus on your vision and passion.

Not sure if we’d be a good fit? Schedule a free needs analysis so we can learn more about your specific needs. There is no obligation if you decide we are not the right fit for you.


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Do you have a product-based company, ecommerce, nonprofit, or other type of business?

Send us a note through our contact page and we’ll refer you to a QBO specialist in these areas.